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Development Paths

Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, the Ministry of Trade and Industry Organized

Waste Water Collectors

Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, Kestel Municipality before the agency is

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, Kestel, consisting of the municipality SS Gürsu

Power Distribution

Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, the OSB within the electricity industry companies


All paths of development within the framework of sodium KOSAB KOSAB Electricity

Natural Gas Distribution

Kestel Organized Industrial Zone, supplied natural gas from BOTAS, industrialist their

Water Supply

KOSAB water needs of industrialists, as drinking and process water in the two groups


Kestel Municipality of serving as First Industrial Area, TC The way of obtaining the desired Organized Industrial Zone registration from the Ministry of Industry and Trade Kestel Organized Industrial Zone (KOSAB) as continue. 7 May 2004, taken together with the registration certificate, organizations that perform operations Entrepreneurs Board has delegated to management the task of 2 years after the decision taken by the General Assembly Council.