Kestel Organize Sanayi Bölgesi
KOSAB has been serving as Ketsel Municipality Industrial Zone when it was first established. After acquiring the official registiration certificate of Organized Industrial Zone from Ministry of Trade and Industry, the region begin serving as Kestel Organized Industrial Zone (KOSAB). Hereafter acquiring the certificate on May 7th 2004, Board of Enterprises has fulfilled the establishment process and 2 years later has turnovered the authority to Board of Directors.

As Bursa is one of the pioneer cities for textile industry in Turkey, the textile sector has the majority in Kestel’s industrial map, which is the frontier district on east of Bursa. Textile is the leading sector with the portion of 70% of whole industrial zone in KOSAB, which has a wideness of 73.43 hectare.

Due to physical conditions KOSAB has no chance to enlarge. But it accelerates its development every day by objectives like increasing the service quality, giving the chance of rivalry in global markets to the producers by decreasing the input costs.

KOSAB is also developing its substructure even it’s absolutely complete. For being close to interurban motorway, and with the convenience of reaching the junctions to international highways, KOSAB is carrying on its feature of being a magnet for the industrialists.



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